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Michael Faraday/ Zhou Dynasty

Michael Faraday

A man by the name of Michael Faraday was an English scientist to study electromagnetism and electrochemistry. Faraday was born September 17, 1791 in the UK. He started working on being a scientists in his early 20's.

Michael Faraday was a very famous scientist who started his science career off as a chemist and physicist. Michael Became one of the greatest scientists of the 19th century! He did his own electroststis machine which made static electricity from friction. Then in 1881, he made his most important discovery: electromagnetic induction! Faraday later wrote a manual of chemistry that reveals technical aspects of his art.

Michael Faraday died on August 25, 1867 in the UK. Many people say he had many science notebooks but nobody knows.

Zhou Dynasty

The Zhou Dynasty was the longest lasting of China's dynasties. It lasted for quite a while, 800 years you could say.

Zhou dynasty ruled ancient China for eight centuries or 800 years. In that time period, china also had 37 emperors! The zhou dynasty reflects the diversity of the federal states. Nobody really knows when the zhou dynasty began but most people say it was around the year 1122 B.C.E.! The zoo dynasty soon ended in 256 B.C.E.

There are many achievements during the Zhou dynasty like economy, politics, science, and culture. Therefore, history was moved forward to a new were age called Qin dynasty!

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