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How to Choose the Right Electric Oven for Family?

Electric oven is a kind of small household electrical appliances favored by many families. How to choose electric oven, and what electric oven brand is good? In the following article, we will provide a little experience and reference for those who are trying to buy the electric oven.

Step 1: Determine the type according to use frequency
There are many types of electric ovens currently available on the market, which are usually divided into three controlled automatic type (timer, thermostat, adjusting power), temperature control timing pattern and ordinary simple type. For most families, the choice of temperature control timing pattern is sufficient, because this type electric oven is complete in function, and cost efficient. For the families like baking foods, and often need to use different ways of cooking and baking, you can choose the higher grade three controlled automatic type, these products have all kinds of cooking and baking function, but the price is more expensive. For families that only occasionally bake goods, the ordinary simple is "entry level" product. It should be noted that although this type of product is cheaper, but because time and temperature are controlled manually, it requires the user to carefully grasp the baking heat, avoid the food being half-cooked or over-baked, affecting the delicacy.

Step 2: Select capacity according to the food component
Electric oven capacity generally ranges from 9 liters to 34 liters, so you must fully consider capacity specifications at the purchase of the electric ovens. If you just use it to toast bread for a family of three, 9-12 liters will be enough; if you want to roast turkey barbecue or opening party, then you should naturally select as much as possible large capacity products. Among the best quality electric oven brands currently on the market, Vatti oven covers a wider product line, the capacity ranging from 9 liters to 56 liters, power from 1,000 watts to 1,500 watts, selectable temperature of 70 degrees Celsius to 250 degrees Celsius, which can meet the requirements of different families. It should be reminded that the power of the electric oven is not as low as possible, high power electric oven heats fast, less heat loss, which would be more power saving. The electric oven generally should choose 1000 watts or more.

Step 3: Inspect quality according to details inside and outside
The appearance of a good electric oven should be tightly sealed, so as to reduce heat loss. The opening way of the electric oven door is mostly from the top down, so be careful to test the lubrication of the electric oven door. Doors cannot be too tight, otherwise it will easily burn people when you open the door hard; nor too loose, preventing carelessly falling when jn use.

The more the interior barbecue plate, BBQ bit of the electric oven, the better. High-end products should have at least three pan bits, which are respectively close to the upper flame and close to the lower flame and middle. In addition, whether the inner part of oven is easy to clean is also the focus of study. Of course, whether the accessories such as BBQ, barbecue set, extract folders, crumb tray, rotating grill fork assembly are fully equipped, whether big brands, whether the warranty terms are reasonable are also issues to consider when buying.