Vocabulary Exchange

By Jaime


Page #; 185

Speech: ¨I nod. I don't even know what Kvetch means, but I think it must be good.¨

Contextual Definition: I think kvetch means like good, nice, trendy.

Dictionary: A person who complains a great deal.

Sentence: You are very kvetch, you never stop talking about things I do not care about.

Synonyms: Complain, fuss.

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Page #; 174

Speech: ¨I thought it might make it easier if she could see it in typeface instead of me reading it and telling her it can´t work this way¨

Contextual Definition: On a typewriter, like printed out.

Dictionary: A font.

Sentence: My favourite font is typeface.

Synonyms: Font, agate

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Page #; 166

Speech: ¨Mother has been studying the Farmers almanac but she's hardly concerned with planting.¨

Contextual Definition: Some type of book, a guide.

Dictionary: An annual calendar containing important dates and statistical information such as astronomical data and tide tables.

Sentence: I love writing in my almanac, I also love reading other peoples.

Synonyms: Journal, Record

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