BY: Peden Williams

Mental Health Reform/Prison Reform

In prisons today there is mentally ill people struggling to stay alive. They are tied up against their will and they do not understand what's going on! Lets work together to get these mentally ill prisoners what they need!


Women are getting abused everyday because of the awful substance, Alcohol! Alcohol leads to sickness, poverty and the breakups of many family's! lets work together to get rid of this horrible drink, and save family's!

Educational Reform

The US needs a longer set of rules for there schools! Students can not go to school and they can still complete school! The same teacher is teaching a bunch of students different things! We need grade levels! Our teachers need better training! Lets get your kids a better learning system!

Women's Rights

Women need a say in government! Women stay at home and look after there families all day. They are just as smart as men and they want a say in who runs our country. Lets get more women to join this reform!


ALL MEN ARE EQUAL! LETS FREE THE SLAVES! Slaves might be good for the south economy but they are people too and deserve freedom! You would not want to be beaten and abused if you don't do your hard tired work right? Then how come they have to do it and suffer awful consequences if they don't?