Guardians Of Africa

You can make a change

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Would you

Would you give this to your baby. Over 1,400 children die a day because of dirty water that is in Africa.

The Crisis

Not everyone has clean water or good sanitation in Africa

What About It

The water crisis affects the women, infants, school children, adolescents girls, people with disables, and elderly people. It also prevents women from doing vital domestic or income - generating wok and stops children from going to school. Practices such as just washing your hands with soap and water can stop the risk of diarrhea by 50%. A simple hand wash is all that it takes to keep someone from dying because of diarrhea. Women and children walk for miles or sometimes days to find just a pound with a little water but sometimes the children have to miss school because they have to go get water for the family. It is really hard for the elderly people because they have to pay someone to go get them water and sometimes they can't afford to pay them to get them so water. It also makes the elderly people really sick. In Kenya over 16.4 % of the people that live there people don't have access to safe water. In Nigeria 42 % of the people that live there don't have access to safe water. All over Africa people today don't have safe water or good sanitation, but a good sanitation or safe water could save a life.

My Solution

I say that we go down to Africa and teach the people how to build water filters, bathrooms and sanitation stations. That way when we leave if any thing breaks they know how to fix it.
Water Shortage In Africa