Garrett Primary


End Of The Year Info.

1. When you complete your MClass assessments on your whole class please let me know thru email, so that I can print out your Student Summary Pages. I will print out one copy for their red folder but you will need to make another copy for your student portfolios. Please send most of their work home but keep one or two important pieces.

2. Parent conferences are scheduled to start on Monday May 18th but if you finish your Mclass assessments please feel free to begin your parent conferences. Remember in PreK the parent conference is the equivalent to a REPORT CARD!

3. On Wednesday May 13th-Prek will meet at 2:15 in the Computer Lab to sign up for upcoming Staff Development days and to sign up for our EOY data meetings-We will have our End of the Year data meetings on Tuesday May 26th and Wednesday May 27th to go over our final scores.

At these data meetings,please be prepared to turn in a copy of your:

**EOY parent conferences signature pages.

**Anecdotal notes that have been taken during the school year.