Touching Spirt Bear

Story of Life


Garvey,Edwin,Peter,and Cole (G.E.P.C). Garvey was Cole's mentor. He helped Cole become better durring this passage. Edwin was a potbellied Tlingit elder who arranged Cole's banishment.Peter was a kid that went to school Cole. He brutaly beat by Cole and were in crtical conditions. Cole is the main charcter and was a horriable boy at the beginning. But as the passage went on Cole became nice and understanding. He finally understood the way of life.


The stick symbolized that ever time try to get rid of anger it is still there. The whales symbolized that parents love their children. The circle symbolized that it is the beginning and end of something. The three hot dogs symbolized the three birds that died in the nest. The symbolized that it depends on which way you look in life to find out things.


I am Cole Mathews. I wonder if a spirit bear could really you. I hear the wind of the dark and scary night. I see the bear running towards the ocean. I want to go on a island. I am Cole Mathews. I pretend to be on the island with the bear. I feel a cool breeze from the wind. I touch the side of the spirit bear. I worry if bears are that dangerous. I cry when ever I think about someone getting hurt really bad. I am Cole Mathews. I understand why Cole did what he did. I say that because he was emotionally hurt and took it out on others. I dream that will never happen to me. I try really hard to stop bullying now. I hope I will be a even better person. I am Cole Mathews.

Jase McClellan

By:Ben Mikaelsen