May 12, 2016

From Titia Sivils, 2016-17 President

Welcome to the 2016-2017 YMSL Silver Star year! I want to welcome all new members and sons once again and thank the returning members and sons! It’s an exciting time in May as you finish up the school year, make summer plans, attend your first YMSL meeting and begin your planning for service and/or start your volunteering. I look forward to all we will do over the next year together as we “Expand our View”.

Staying on top of your hours and meeting planning and recording is key. Don’t forget to log those meetings immediately and log your philanthropy hours as soon as you get home. This will help you see your progress and make sure that you have the details accurate. Get on-line now and begin your plan for a fun filled summer of service. Many opportunities may show full, but you may be waitlisted and called up. Don’t be discouraged as new opportunities come out each week. Summer is full of great philanthropy events. Check back frequently.

I want to thank the Banquet Committee one more time for a wonderful Banquet. We enjoyed a tasty lunch, fun trivia, awards and watched as our seniors were recognized. It's a very special time to reflect upon our year together and all that we have accomplished. Thank you very much Banquet Committee for a well thought out and enjoyable event. Boys that attended banquet received a meeting credit, don’t forget to log it.

We are so humbled by the accomplishments that the Silver Star Chapter has made together in our community. Together we have logged over 4500 hours helping others as a chapter. We are very excited that we have volunteers that work hard to go above and beyond the required minimums. Help me congratulate the following boys for their achievements.

Our Most Hours Awards were given to the following for the 2015-2016 Philanthropy year:

Class of 2016 – Ryan Antonioli

Class of 2017- Walker Tait

Class of 2018- Cody Fang

Class of 2019 – Zachary Griswold

**Honorable Mention goes to Jake Barden from Class of 2018 for achieving "over 50" philanthropy hours, serving 62.5 hours!

Recap of how you can be eligible for this award for the 2016-2017 Most Hours Award

Our chapter will give out an award for each class to the boy with the highest number of philanthropy hours in his class during that year.

  • Wishlist, provisional sophomore and/or penalty hours will not be counted toward consideration for awards
  • The deadline by which all hours must be fulfilled and logged for awards consideration is April 15th
  • The minimum number of hours required for boys in grades 9-11 to earn this award is 25
  • The minimum number of hours required for senior boys to earn this award is 20
  • The boy must be in “good standing” to be considered for the award

Moms/Sons: Please take lots of pictures and videos while you are serving at the philanthropies. We would like to be able to showcase them at different times throughout the year. Send them to our Historian, Melanie at mlegamaro@yahoo.com or post them to our private Facebook Group Page.

The 2015-16 Banquet pictures are available on the YMSL Silver Star Facebook Group. You can view and save them from that page. If you are not a member of this Facebook group, please join so you have a place to upload your pictures and videos you may take throughout the year.

One last and very important tip I want to share, please don’t cancel on a philanthropy that you have signed up for at the last minute. Our philanthropies rely on us to be there! Give at least 48 hours’ notice. If you are not sure that you can be there, then please don’t take that spot on the calendar. We want other members who can be there for certain to have the opportunity to sign up.

Enjoy your summer and thank you for all you will do with the Silver Star Chapter!

Freshmen Boy's Orientation Meeting

Freshmen boy's have their first meeting on Sunday, May 15th at Parkway Hills Baptist Church, room A104 from 2:30-4. Boys should RSVP on the YMSL website calendar.

First Mom's Meeting for 2016-17

First Moms’ Meeting of the New Year!

The first Moms’ meeting of this new YMSL year will be Tuesday, May 17th at 11:30 am

at Parkway Hills Baptist Church, lunch provided. Sarah Morris, founder of This Side Up Family Center will be our guest speaker. Please RSVP Yes or No to the meeting by Friday, May 13th so that we may order the correct quantities of food.

How to RSVP:

Log into the Chapter Website

Select “Calendar” from the tabs across the top.

On the calendar, scroll down to the date, May 17.

Click on Mom’s Lunch Meeting

Click on “Update RSVP” in the upper right corner of the Event Description screen (it is highlighted in bright green)

An RSVP screen pops up, select your name and next to “Attending” select Yes or No.

Click Save

Boys' Hours Requirements

As you all know, we have now begun our new YMSL year as of May 1 and the calendar is filled with wonderful volunteer opportunities for you and your son.

Summer is a great time to schedule philanthropy time with your son and to get a head start on your hours! See chart below with requirements by class.

Wishing you all a Happy Summer!

Lisa Raskin, Parliamentarian

Big image

***Wishlist, provisional sophomore and/or penalty hours will not be counted toward consideration for Most Hours Awards

May Wish List Opportunities

Our May Wish List will benefit Frisco Family Services. As part of their Back to School Fair in August they provide hygiene/pampering items for teens. For one hour wish list credit, please purchase $20 worth of the following items:




-Body Soap/Shower Gel


***Please note Frisco Family Services requests these be full size items, not travel or sample size.***

Each mom and son may earn 1 hour wish list credit for providing $20 worth of the requested items. In other words, if the mom and the son both want to earn 1 hour wish list credit, they will each need to donate $20 worth of goods for a total of $40.

We will be collecting these items at the May Moms’ Lunch Meeting on Tuesday, May 17. Vanessa Goering will be outside by her car before and after the meeting to collect these items. Should you be unable to attend the meeting or bring your items to the meeting, please contact Vanessa to make other arrangements to get your items to her no later than Friday, May 20.

Vanessa’s phone number is 972.345.6425, and her email address is vanessa.goering@verizon.net

Serving and Training Opportunities

Sunrise Senior Living will have its next orientation on Saturday, May 21 from 10:00am to 12:00pm. This orientation is for moms and sons, and Sunrise does ask you to commit to working at least 4 service hours in the coming year. There are lots of opportunities to serve here, so get started now by signing up for the orientation on the YMSL Calendar!

Habitat For Humanity Youth Build has openings for the morning and afternoon shifts on Saturday, May 21. You must be 16 to participate in this particular event. See the YMSL Calendar to sign up and for additional details.

Meals on Wheels will hold its next training session on Wednesday, May 25 from 2:00 to 3:30pm. This training is required for Moms only. Please sign up on the YMSL Calendar to attend this training, and please carefully read the instructions for going to the Meals on Wheels website to download the forms you will need to complete and bring to the training. You will also need to call Meals on Wheels to reserve a spot.

Please continue to check the Calendar for new upcoming summer opportunities. The Philanthropy Committee is working on transitioning our new liaisons into their positions and will be adding new shifts periodically.

Website Tips and Tricks

Did you know that you can add your philanthropy volunteer date to your phone or Outlook calendar? Simply click on the Add to Personal Calendar link right underneath the Sign Up for this Event link !