Interviewing and Recruiting Clients

What to do and What not to do in an interview

What not to do: Don't use generalities, Don't say you have no weaknesses, Don't act bored.

What to do: Dress to make an impression, rehearse what you are going to say, follow up with a thank you.

Job Interviews: Good & Bad

Good and Bad Interviews

The first interview is a very bad interview. The women acts like she is more important than the employee interviewing her. She doesn't shake the women's hand, she answers her phone, talks about past troubles, and doesn't sit straight up.

The second interview is a very good interview. The man comes in and is very polite to the women interviewing him. He answers each question well and also asked her a reasonable question.

Job Description (High school teacher)

Job Title: Teacher

Description: Support students in their homeroom and coursework and communicate course and school requirements. This includes communicating through email or phone.

Qualifications: hold a high school diploma or GED and a bachelor's degree in education or in their specialty area. Must pass GACE.

Salary: Starting salary is 33,673 and the average salary is 52,815.

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