As- Safa and Al-Marwa

Part of pilgrimage

The Mountains in Mecca

As-Safa and Al Marwa are two mountains located in Mecca, here Muslims travel back and forth seven times as part of their pilgrimage.
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Sa`i between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah (Safa and Marwah)

Why do they do this?

Abraham was commanded by Allah to leave his wife Hajar and their son alone in the desert between the two mountains, to test their faith. After some time, Hagar went in search of water. She went alone, leaving her son Ishmael behind. She first climbed Al-Safa and seeing nothing, went over to Al-Marwah. While Hagar was on either hillside, she was able to see Ismael and know he was safe. However, when she was in the valley between the hills she was unable to see her son, and would run whilst in the valley and walk when on the hillsides. Hagar travelled back and forth between the hills seven times before returning to her son. When she arrived, she found that a spring had appeared, through the help of Angel Jibreel and it was known as the ZamZam Well.
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