Cyber Bullying

It may be cyber but it still hurts!

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a type or harassment or bullying over the internet or in text messages but not done in person usually.Some kids get so offended by it they try commiting suicide or already done it.People think ,it's over the internet so what and may think it's not such a big deal.Well it's a big deal.People that are on the other side do it only because they can't do it in person because there to scared what will happen to them so some of them do it to people they don't actually know.Which is not nice so stop!

Don't Do It !

Cyber Bullying

1) Don’t tell whether you’re a boy or girl in your screen name.

2) Don’t say things that are mean all you’ll get is a bad response.

3) Don’t give out personal information.

4) Talk to only people you know in person.

5) Tell an adult if you are being bullied.

6) Block the person.