About Me

Dante Hall-Lyons

My name is Dante and I like to skateboard, listen to music, chill with my friends, and watch tv. My dads name is Bryan, and he is married to my step-mother Jessica. My mom who i do not live with, is Darrala, she lives in Claycomo. My dad works at Black & Veatch as an engineer, my step-mom is a loan closer at Tru Home Solutions, and my mom is a manager at Casey's General Store. I have 3 younger brothers, Aiden who is 2, and is the one I live with, then theres Deverick who is 12, he lives with my mom, and Dequan,9, lives with his dad.

This summer i didnt really do all that much, I went to Cocoa Key's waterpark, which didnt have much for older kids to do. I was in Branson for 3 weeks and all i did there was go to a wax museum and get a sick sunburn.

The only sport I do is wrestling, it's some thing I'm really good at, but i am considering joining track, because I'm told I can be pretty fast.

A fun fact about me is that I moved here from North Carolina, but I am originally from Missouri, my dad used to be a marine, now i'm here to stay!