What is Snorkelling

Snorkelling is swimming using a snorkel

What equiptment is needed for snorkelling

Mask, goggles, wetsuit, snorkel

Underwater science! The ear and equalising

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Getting in and out of the water

Make sure you get in and out of the water safely by not jumping , diving, or belly flopping. Slide in slowly and know whats under you and the depth of water your in.


Finning is simply imitating the motion of a fish's fins with the hands & wrists, more a paddling or pushing motion in the water.


Plan routes before snorkelling incase you get in danger and always plan ahead before you go snorkelling.

First Aid

1. You must be comfortable in water.

2. Your instructor will carry the correct safety first aid kit on them or in the boat.

3. Must be able to pop your ears to clear the water.


Always be cautious, beware of sharks and don't touch anything as it may be poisionous or dangerous and do you harm. Just be careful when snorkelling and stick to your comforts.

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Basic Snorkelling Equipment

Enjoy your day on the water by being safe! Have fun snorkelling!