Mrs. Wagler's Class Newsletter

April 25-29

Reader's Workshop

This week, we learned that characters are complex. When we don't understand a character's actions, we can discuss why we are confused or what we don't agree with. We know to look out for surprises as we are reading - they are all around us!

Writer's Workshop

We learned about a few of the different voices of poetry, including speaking directly to the subject, speaking to the reader, telling a story, and our overwhelming class favorite - two-person poems. Check out this student-generated example below.

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Measurement was the name of the game this week! We learned how to measure with yards, meters, inches, centimeters, feet, and even decimeters! We were able to tie in what we learned last unit (fractions) when items did not exactly measure to a whole number.

Project Lead the Way

We've been learning all about plant life cycles and how animals and humans help to pollinate plants and spread seeds. We've studied the design elements of form and function and discovered how nature can inspire designs. We've used this knowledge to create and build a device to disperse grass seed over a large area.

Lifeskill of the Week: Dependability

Important Dates:

Specials schedule for next week:

Monday: Wellness

Tuesday: Computer Lab

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Music

Friday: Wellness

*We visit library on THURSDAY of each week.

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