10 Excuses Not To Attend The Gala!

Kingwood Montessori - Spring Gala 3/28/2015

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We are just days away from our largest fundraiser of the year, do you have your tickets yet?

  • Excuse #1: I can't find my invitation!
  • Response: There are extras at the front desk - See “The Wonderful Ms. Fonda” and she’ll set you up.
  • Excuse #2: I’m not sure my checkbook can take the strain if I win a bid at the auction!
  • Response: Your smiling face is your most important contribution, the cash is a bonus! At worst you only need your credit card for small purchases. Come on, it's your children who benefit from this.
  • Excuse #3: I keep forgetting to turn in my money!
  • Response: You can send an email to us with your guest list and children’s names and ages (if childcare is needed) or ask Fonda to contact you for credit card details.
  • Excuse #4: My partner will be bored!
  • Response: We have lots of fun for those who don't want to drink or socialize, including Silent and Live Auctions.
  • Excuse #5: My partner won't come with me!
  • Response: Come solo - we already have people coming without partners, or bring a friend! We're a friendly bunch and this is a great opportunity to meet other parents.
  • Excuse #6: I don't know what to wear!
  • Response: Anything goes; Jeans T's and bling.
  • Excuse #7: Did you come to last year's Gala?
  • Response: If not, please come and see what the fuss is all about; we'll miss you if you don't.
  • Excuse #8: Do you support our mission?
  • Response: This is the best time to show us that you care about private Montessori education, which puts your child in the driving seat of his or her own educational experiences.
  • Excuse 9#: I don’t want to go to this type of event!
  • Response: Kingwood Montessori School is a 501c3 Organization; we do not have private funding or access to grant money. Everything we do, and all of our plans for future growth come from events like this one. Gala funds will be used to maintain us over the summer months, prepare for the 2015-2016 school year and establish long terms plans for our school.
  • Excuse #10: There’s a Gala on March 28th?
  • Response: Sure is! There will be things to see, do, eat and drink. You’ll be surrounded by like minded people all wanting to maintain Kingwood Montessori as an excellent educational facility, providing rich and exciting Montessori experiences for young children.