Why is it important to be motivated


Why should you come

As your boss, I feel that it is very important for people to do the best they can in the workplace. So it is recommended that you come since your productivity could increase.


Friday, May 1st, 2pm

Somewhere, Someplace

Humanistic Theory

This job may not be a first pick for most people. But what's important is that you picked this job, and wouldn't you want to improve/ pursue this career. Once you get this basic step of this job, wouldn't you want to go to the next step in the job field that you have chosen. As your boss, I feel that it is very important to do you best always.

Stimulate senses

Workers should change their pod/ room to their liking to their are not stuck in some boring workplace where they don't get the stimulus of enjoyment. Bring some food that brings up your mood or even decorate your area to show who you are. Whatever brings a sense of goodness, have it with you. The happier you are, the better you work.

Performance and Learning Goals

This session I will discuss learning and performance goals.Performance goals are very important in the workplace, basic performance goals would be don't have me yell at you for the year, or see if you can win employee of the month for a year. Learning goals are the best motivators but can be hard to obtain. If you enjoy the work experience and learn off of every choice you make then you can set learning goals.

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards

As your boss, I feel that it is really important to set yourself some extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. Basic extrinsic rewards would be get a pay raise for working so hard or get a message/ talk from saying how good you did this week. Intrinsic rewards would be getting the self satisfaction of knowing that you worked very hard for a week and knowing that you did good.

Positive Emotions

Just by working hard won't get you to be happy about yourself. In this session, we will be talking about how better more positive emotions can lead to a better work experience. If you're in a bad mood, you might take an easier way out or you work won't be at its full potential. But by having a more comfortable environment your mood can jump from bad to good and you will be striving for your best work since you are in a more positive environment.