Emerald Jewel Wasp

By: Ethan Stumbo

Where does it live?

Tropical climates in Africa, South Asia and Pacific islands.

How does it feed?

No one really knows how they feed as adults but as larvae they eat there way through the cockroach they where born in.

How does it reproduce?

They reproduce sexually, and the female then injects a cockroach with a type of numbing poison that makes it follow along like a dog on a leash, it then leads the roach to its burrow where it lays the eggs on it, they hatch, and they eat out the non vital parts then all the rest and when the full adult emerges it starts again.

Hosts of choice?

Cockroaches to lay there eggs on.

Special adaptations to deal with the host?

A numbing toxin.


Adult can reach 2cm
The larvae are always inside the roach until adult hood so an exact measurement is unknown but its small enough to fit in the roaches intestines.

Interesting fact

The larvae create an antibacterial substance to "clean" its food.