Friday Focus

October 9, 2015

Hope you are THRIVING this week!

New playgound surface, School of Faith, Young Americans concert, girls golf team qualifies for state, new Annual Report in the mail, studying and finding the best reading series for our students, baking bread for those less fortunate than well as doing a FANTASTIC JOB of educating the BEST students in the state!

Wow, it's been a busy week!

Congratulations on making it to Friday! Let's THRIVE again next week!


I hope you are all getting a copy of the e-newsletter called "U-Knighted" on the first Friday of every month. If you're not, please let me know and I'll make sure to add you to the email list.

I am always looking for pictures, video, and story ideas for the U-Knighted. Any and all suggestions and submissions would be appreciated!

SPIRIT is November 21!

You should be receiving a letter in your mailbox at home, letting you know the nuts and bolts for Spirit, 2015. This is Spirit's 25th Anniversary and we're hoping for the biggest and best celebration ever! We're aiming for a complete sell-out--400 guests!

We are hoping for 100% participation from our school families and faculty. Many of you have assisted with this event for years, but many have not! Let's get EVERYONE involved!

There are lots of ways to participate--attend as a guest, work as a bartender, help cook the meal, help serve the meal, assist with clean up on Sunday morning--and MORE! Please contact Leisa Piper (Extension 1109 or email her) and let her know how you'd like to help!

Professional Development

Thank you so much for those of you who have used the Google Form to document your Professional Development already for 2015. Activities worth 184 points have already been submitted, including things like college class, bible study, conferences/workshops, and parish/community activities.

Don't worry if you haven't documented anything yet; I will plan on sending out an update on the number of points you have at the end of each semester. Also, you don't have to use the form to earn points for the Switch book; I'll use your responses as documentation! Same with the committee researching and choosing our new reading series; I'll get all of those names from Mr. Lafleur and Mrs. Guenther.

Professional Development--for your planning purposes

There are a number of state, regional and even national conferences that you may be interested in attending. You can get more information about these opportunities by using the links below. They include:

Contact Connie or Renee if you're interested in attending NETA (we can send up to four teachers). Contact me if you're interested in any of the summer conferences. We will ask for Title IIA money to pay for the majority of the technology conferences and have Ignite the Faith money to use to pay for the St. Bosco conference. Please consider attending one of these events--and if you want to go, don't hesitate! We want to get registrations, lodging, and flights (to Ohio) booked ASAP!

Young Americans Concert was AWESOME

What an incredible display of talent and energy! This is an outstanding program that we've now brought to NC three times in the past 10 or so years. Thank you to Shana Cornett and Jamie Sehi--as well as the dozens of host families and volunteers--for making this happen!

A number of NC alums have gone on to become members of the Young Americans. The ones that come to my mind are Daniel Roche, Marcus Wilcox, Jacob Figueroa, Scott Benson, Hilary Smith, and Zach Smolnik. In fact, Jacob Figueroa was a part of the troupe that worked with our kids and performed on Tuesday night.

Big image

When you get a minute....

Ask Samantha Hahn about her plans for the summer of 2017!

Thank you for everything you do!

Mr. Lafleur and I attended the Administrator's Retreat at the St. Benedict Center on Wednesday. Our Retreat Master was Fr. Larry Gillick, who is completely blind. He was very interesting to listen to and challenged us to think about how we "get in the way" when trying to establish relationships with God--and with others.

Also, ask Bill how difficult it is to bring up gifts to the altar when you're expecting eye contact from the priest, but the priest is blind!

Anyway, during one of our quiet times, I did walk up to the Stations of the Cross and spent some time in prayer. On the back of the small plaques commemorating each Station, there is a short sentence or two. This one caught my eye:

Big image
It may be a little tough to read. It says, "Remember those who assist others in life without being recognized, those who give of themselves that others' burdens are lightened."

Thank you to all of you! We all know how difficult it is to work, work, work and feel that we're not recognized for our diligence. I appreciate all of you who go above and beyond your job description and do the extra stuff so that "others' burdens are lightened."

Have a wonderful weekend!