About me

I'm Taylor Boydston; a person who is tired of being in this school and just wants their stress levels to drop.

I'm 17 going on 18 in February and that is the only good thing I'm looking forward to this semester (aside from graduation). I could go on all day about how badly I'm not looking forward to this semester, but that would take all day and I want to keep this relatively short.

The only time you will see me truly happy is when I'm out of school; I sit back on my couch and relax by drawing illustrations of my own original concepts while cartoons play on the television. I would call up friends and we would chat for quite some time. The sooner I get into an art college, the better off I will be.

I enjoy watching movies (specifically animated) and my favorite movie is "The Brave Little Toaster"; along side "The Iron Giant", and "Never-ending Story".