Oil Spills

Stop The Oil Spills Around The World

What Is A Oil Spill?

A oil spill is when many people tend to pollute the water by putting garbage into the water. Sometimes oil is released into the water and kills many animals that are swimming or drinking the polluted water.

What is the materials,money and time that is required for the technology to successfully work?

Besides putting in bad chemicals into the water to get the oil out they put in Booms and Skimmers:booms hold all the oil so the skimmers can collect the oil.

Some People That Help With Oil Spills

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What are the long term effects of oil spills?

In the Gulf of Mexico there is about 4.2 million gallons of oil and that is just a estimate so put the total at far higher then that. This is causing a lot of damage to the ecologically fragile Louisiana coast. This is why we need to stop putting garbage into are ocean and this would not happen.
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Fact about oil spill.

  • Iraqi forces intentionally released over 300 million gallons of oil into the Persian Gulf in 1991 as part of the offensive in the Gulf War.
  • Ixtoc 1, a well located on the coast of Mexico exploded and pumped 140 million gallons of oil into the Campeche Bay.
  • In February of 1983 a well in the Iraqi field of Norwuz had a small oil spill. A later air attack increased the spill size to a total of 80 million gallons.

One more fact about oil spills.

  • In 1979, there was a collision between two different tankers near the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. The combined total oil spilled in the ocean surpassed 83 million gallons. To make matters worse, while one of the ships was being towed to shore, it spilled another 41 million gallons into the sea.
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What are the Positive and Negative effect of Oil Spills?

Well there is no positive effect of oil spills so i will start with the negative. First off the oil spills are killing many animal that drink and swim in the water. It also effects are world because we get are water from the lake and rivers and if we keep putting water into the lakes and rivers we will be drink the oil that is put int the water. I am sorry but i do not think there is a positive effect for oil spills.
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