Charles V

Ruler of the Holy Roman Empire


King Charles V was Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain in his lifetime. While he ruled Spain he built a wall around the city to protect it and prepare it for war. He also renewed an old conflict with England. He lead a crucial attack on Rome and sacked them in 1527.


Charles V was raised in Burgundian low countries. His parents were Phillip the Handsome and Joanna the Mad. His tutor, William de Croy, taught him many different languages. He was fluent in German, French, Flemish and spanish.

Interesting facts

  • He ruled many countries in his life including Holy Roman Empire, Spain, Italy, America and France. He fought with the Ottoman empire. He called Martin Luther to the diet of worms and died September 21, 1558.

Impact on today

Charles V didn't really have an impact on the present time. Although he had a major impact on the nations he ruled and lead in to battle. The defense changes he made to some of his castles may have effect modern security but we are not sure.
Charles V: Holy Roman Emperor