9beads Abacus

Simplest and Fastest Abacus in the world

What is 9beads ?

9 Beads Abacus is the simplest and fast learning abacus system designed by IIT-IIM Alumnus. Unlike the traditional Chinese/Japanese abacus system which uses 4+1 Bead system. 9Beads system is based on 9 Bead System( 9′s Complement). It is the simplest abacus system in the world with only two main sets of formula which even kindergarten students can learn at ease. Since the system is based on the decimal system of learning similar to the methods taught in school, there is no confusion in learning various concepts of basic math. The learning time varies from 9 months to 18 months depending upon the current skill level of the child. It is also to be noted that 9Beads Abacus also maps to the Indian Curriculum and reinforces the learning the child.

About US

ICUBE Enterprises is a leading educational R&D company set up in the year 2004. Since it’s inception, the company has released path breaking products to the market in order to revolutionize the primary education. Some of its leading products include:

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