Miss Erickson's 4th Grade News

Reinbeck Elementary * December 7, 2012

What's Happening?

Reading: November book clubs are finished. We are doing something a little different for December since it is a short month. We are working on three reader's theaters during book club. So far the groups have each met once and they are really having fun! I hope to record the final reading and post it on youtube.

Language Arts: We have been working on verbs; action, helping, and linking.

Math: We have been working on two-digit by two-digit multiplication and now we have moved on the long division. These are two very tricky skills with lots of steps but so far things are going well. It would be very helpful if each night you asked your student a couple problems of each type for extra practice. Also, for long division there is a site called Snork's Long Division that is a great step by step site that we have used.

Social Studies: We are wrapping up our Northeast Region study and the test will be on Tuesday, December 18. The students should have already brought home their packet which is also their study guide. Please make sure the packet gets sent back the day of the test as they will be graded on the completion of their packet (easy points!!)

Science: The students are talking about the Planets.

Happy Holidays!

Classroom Notes

On Thursday, December 20th we will be having a Grinch Day! All day we will be doing activities centered around the book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, we will of course be watching the movie as well. On this day, if the kids should wear "green" to honor of the Grinch!

Then, the Christmas Party this year will be on the next day, Friday, December 21 from 9:30-10:30 AM. Since it is an early out we will have a breakfast party. The kids can wear PJ's that morning if they want! I will be sending a email to those parents on the Christmas Party later today.

Dates to Remember

December 18: Elementary Concert 7:00 PM @ HS Gym

December 21: Early Dismissal 12:35/12:45

January 3: Classes Resume