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Volume 6, issue 1

Term one, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

You might have noticed that lots of our girls are reading this book right now, or have come across some of the hype surrounding the forthcoming movie. We currently have 7 copies of this book in the Information Centre, always out on issue and with a further 6 girls in the reserve queue (as of 16th April). And yes, the hype is justified.

The book is about Hazel who has terminal cancer, her approach to life and her first experience with love. Its hard to say exactly why this book has so much appeal. John Green is a master at capturing the 'teen voice' authentically and he injects just a little bit of individualism into all of his characters to make them that bit more real. The fact that the plot is incredibly sad and moving is also a major factor, and the movie, due for NZ release at the beginning of June, is set to be a winner.

Check out the official movie trailer below - it will give you a good idea of what the book is about, but be warned, it may well have you reaching for the tissues!

The Fault In Our Stars | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Students and electronic devices at school

A Nielsen survey carried out in America in 2013 examined how school students use their tablets while they are at school. The graph showing the results is worth a look. The most common use was to search the internet, but using a tablet to read a book was also right up there. None of this is particularly surprising, but it does show how devices are becoming an essential tool for our students.

Summer Reading Programme

The 2013/14 Summer Reading Programme here at Queen's was very successful. The number of students taking part increased, we were able to give them similar goodies to the year before and the girls were delighted with their book selections. Of the girls who completed a feedback survey, 92% said that they read more books than they would have without a summer book bag which is a great result. A big 'thank you' to those staff who supported this programme by ordering their own summer book bag - we were able to purchase an extra 16 library books specifically for the students bags and 22 reduced price 'giveaway' books for the girls to keep.

Why Readers Are Better Partners

And just in case you need to be reminded about the benefits of reading, this list takes a light hearted approach but has some seriously valid points. Anyone else for some holiday reading?

Original image:

Read it, love it, pass it on - the reading programme from Penguin NZ

You may have seen some of the bright orange posters around the school advertising this programme for teens. Essentially, it is a way for Penguin to get feedback from their teen readers about books that are new to the market. Penguin are sending us several copies of 3 or 4 books a few times a year to give to students. The only requirement is that they read them and then comment about them on the Penguin teen Facebook page. The idea is that they will then pass the books on to someone else to read and comment on, and so on. There are also competitions and giveaways related to the featured books.

So if you notice girls reading books with the Penguin sticker, please talk to them about what they are reading and encourage them to post a comment on the Facebook page. Word of mouth is probably one of the best ways to get our girls reading!

Paper is not dead - a bit of end of term fun!

If you need something to make you smile, this short clip below should do the trick.
Le papier ne sera jamais mort / Paper is not dead on !

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