The Way to Have Fun and to Stay Healthy

From something fun as sex, pregnancy and many STDs can change your whole future in a few minutes. Abstinence is a strategy to refrain yourself from contracting STDs or becoming pregnant as it is 100% effective if you do it well. But abstinence is no drug, or some kind of protection, this is all a intellectual protection. It basically means that you're telling yourself your comfort zone in sexual actions with your partner. Its you making the decision not to have sex, and finding your boundaries on what you think is too far E.G Kissing to Hugging to Penetration etc. etc. Here are some ways to have fun and to stay safe using the abstinence strategy.
  • Play Video Games
  • Watch TV or Movies
  • Choose good friends that aren't into sex
  • Don't drink too much alcohol (stay sober from drugs and alcohol)
  • Go Shopping
  • Stop and think when dating
  • Go through your comfort zone in terms of sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend
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Decision Making

One of the most important strategies to keep abstinent is by having good decision making. Like I said in the paragraph above, it is always good to set your boundaries. You can do this by talking to your parents, your partner or even just thinking to yourself. Unfortunately, there isn't always people to help you on your sexual decision making, there will sometimes be people who you trust doing the opposite! By people who you trust I don't specifically mean them, but I mean many other things. Your favourite TV show might be advertising underage sex to your best friend, having sex with his/her partner. Another influence that may effect you is your hormones. Now before you freak out and start screaming, and want you to listen. It is natural to feel this types of feelings as our DNA is programmed to do it. No pill will help you with this as this subject is all on you, which is just like abstinence. Maybe friends and family can help you out, but controlling your hormones is a hard thing to do. Here are some ways to have good decision making:

  • Stop and think at the moment
  • Talk to friends and family
  • Stop watching that TV show
  • Stay away physically and socially from that friend group
  • Don't try to think about it
  • Do something else


Choosing what you want to do depending on your sexual is all on you. You may want to have sex a lot with your partner or you may not even feel like to hug. But for this section, I will be listing some of the risks they may come if you do choose to have sex.

Some emotional stresses can come if you choose to have sex. You may look at yourself differently, say as a total different person. And if you contract a STD, some of these are incurable and some suicidal thoughts may past by every now and then. It can ruin your future, and you may not be able to forgive what you did in the past.

Social stresses are just as bad as emotional. People will think differently of you E.G as a slut or a "dirty" person. You may lose friends as they would want to stay away from you if you do contract a STD. Your title in school or anywhere can change from being a star cheerleader to a "slut."

Sex can propose physical risks to your bodies as well. With ought using protection, someone who is infected with an STD can be easily transmitted to you. HIV, an STD, is one of the most dreadful diseases to live with as it attacks your immune system, more then your body weakening your bodies main defences against any type of virus/bacterial attack. Some small sickness such as the common cold and/or the flu can easily kill you if you're contracted with this disease. Herpes, as another example, can change your physical appearance as well. If you have any type sex with that person where their herpes warts are, you will contract them as well. They are very, very gross, and this can change your social status as well because people would stay away from you because you're "unclean."

Thankfully, all of these diseases can be treated but not necessarily cured. Some can be cured but not all, and the way to get these treatments involves money. These drugs and treatments are not free, and you're going to have to pay up to get treated. If you do not do so, this can sometimes lead to death. You won't be able to do things as fun as you wanted to as you will have consistently pay for the medication. Or you won't be able to go to the school you wanted to go to because you didn't have the money since it was all used on medication.

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Your Boundaries

If you are currently engaged with a partner, or planning to have one in your middle school - high school career, you should discuss on where some boundaries should be with your partner and your parents. I thought about this myself for a bit and talked to my parents about it as well. My parents and I decided that dating in high school and middle school is okay, but I shouldn't be having any sexual connection involving the genital area and/or kissing. Hugging, holding hands and basically anything other that isn't that "intimate" was okay. To stay within these boundaries, I usually just avoid dating as I have some better things to do usually. However, another strategy I use is just simply avoiding the people that have different boundaries as I do. Finally, probably one of the most important, I stay away from drinking around my age and up. If I become drunk underage, that is bad as I start doing things that I would probably never do when I'm sober, including sex. After your hangover, the women you have sex can claim rape and your future can just be bursted in an instant as everyone has their own personal record, recording all the bad things that you do.
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Avoiding STD/STIs and Pregnancy

Doctors all around the world have different ways and uses to help you keep safe from STDs and pregnancy. Probably the most common way to stay safe from pregnancy and STDs at the same time is using a condom. A condom is a thing rubber cover that goes around the penis, or in the vagina, and it basically blocks the semen from coming through to infect someone. This is not 100% effective as the condom break, or you misuse it, but it is one of the best ways to keep safe as it is widely available, pretty efficient if used correctly and inexpensive. Most couples go with using the condom, but the #1 contraception to use from being protected from being pregnant is abstinence just like I said at the top. Abstinence is 100% effective is you can control yourself, but these protections that doctors provide such as: birth control pills, condoms, surgical implants are not 100% effective. If you and your partner want to have sex, then you should probably go with the condoms as it is the only type of protection that protects from STDs and pregnancy, but it is not 100%.
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