Anastasia Monroe School of Arts

located in the country side of Prague, Czech Republic.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to assist each student to become creative individuals, to discover their needs, and help them thrive in the world of fine arts and fine arts production.

Bell Schedule

2 semesters each year and 4 classes per semester. This equals to a total of 8 classes year- round, 4 being Academic classes and 4 classes being the study of their chosen fine arts course. Each class is 90 minutes long. Students have 9 months in school, 2 months off in June and July for summer break, and 4 one week long break every 2 months.

Our FOCUS: Fine arts, Regular arts, and the Production of Fine arts

The Anastasia Monroe School of Arts purpose is to prepare artists for their future careers.


Weekdays- 11 pm; must be in dorms.

Weekends- 2 am; must be at least on campus.


1) Any bullying or hazing of any sort will result in automatic expulsion.

2) No cutting or shortening of uniforms

3) Arriving back after curfew will equal in suspension (length of suspension to be determined by both head council and student council.)

4) Intoxicated or on drugs during school hours/days will result in immediate expulsion.

5) Skipping classes often will equal to long term suspension.

*More rules can be found in the Student Handbook*

Vision Statement

A well respected school of artist constantly striving toward their goal, all while maintaining pride and dignity for their school.