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February 21st, 2019

A message from our principal, Mrs. Fadeji

Story After Story.

As much as I love writing and wish I could crank out an inspirational Penngrove Press blurb for you weekly, I'm one of those weird people who has to be in a very specific place both mentally and emotionally in order to articulate my thoughts properly. Sometimes those perfectly aligned moments pass me by, yet I don't set aside the time to capture my thoughts. I can't stand that. Other times, like today, I work tirelessly to complete my "to do" list so I can race to my laptop in the wee hours of the night and do my best to share my heart with you: the families who trust us with your precious children, day in and day out.

For those of you who wonder what I do with my after school "free time", I am often in meetings with teachers and parents discussing student progress and making plans for student success. Many of these meetings are called IEPs. IEP stands for Individualized Education Program. Essentially, an IEP is a specific plan with measurable goals designed for one specific student by a team of educators, specialists, and family members. Trust me, that's the short version. To read more about IEPs and the IEP process, check out this article. At Penngrove, about 15% of our student population has an IEP.

I suppose you could call me an IEP nerd because I LOVE attending IEPs. Although my primary role is to listen, share ideas, and take notes, the IEP is a special time for the team to discuss student strengths, concerns, progress on goals, develop new goals, and discuss services provided. An IEP feels magical to me every single time, because I get to witness a group of adults working together as they commit to do whatever it takes to support a student emotionally, socially, academically, and behaviorally. And let me tell you, our IEP teams are rad.

Today, I attended an IEP for a kindergarten student who receives speech support. I went into the meeting thinking it would take about 30 minutes and be pretty routine. Instead, I left the meeting with an overwhelming sense of the work we do at Penngrove every day. Back to the IEP. I happen to know his mom pretty well as we have sat on some committees together and worked on projects together over the years. Plus, if you know her, she's one of those people who walks around with a smile and a Starbucks in her hand and you just can't help but love her.

One portion of the IEP touches on medical history and developmental milestones. As Mrs. Beardslee, our speech therapist, shared this routine portion of the report, I couldn't help but zone in on a few specific words. "early on in pregnancy" "miracle child" "significant concern for developmental milestones". I stopped the meeting to ask peppy caffeinated mom more about her pregnancy and "miracle child". As I listened to her terrifying story, I maintained my composure, although inside I could feel the tears welling up. Here sat this mom, who I see weekly. Who I talk to often enough. I see her sweet boys daily. I encourage them on their school work, I hug them, I praise their positive choices. I admire the sportsmanship of one, and I smile when the other musters the courage to share an idea with his classmates. And all this time, I never realized what a miracle child I had in my midst. I didn't realize that doctors had said his life might end before it started. I didn't realize that he wasn't necessarily expected to be as bright, or articulate, or amazing as he truly is.

And that's when the overwhelming sense of passion for this work hit me. Each of your children has a story. It might not be a scary pregnancy, a learning disability, a battle with anxiety. But each of our 402 panthers has a story. I am acutely aware that some of our students don't have to try at all to get perfect scores on tests. They likely have challenges in other aspects of life. I'm aware that many of our students have experienced trauma. Or watched you experience trauma. Others, have to try their very hardest just to be "average".

What I want you to take away from this post is that each and every single one of our students has a story. You might not see it when you look at them. It might be written all over their precious little faces. You might never know it. But story after story, I am reminded of the resilience of children, the miracle of life, and the weight that Team Penn carries on a daily basis, to make sure we give your children ALL we've got.

To my sweet little miracle kindergartner, thanks for being born. You give me hope for our future.


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Is it just us or does afternoon pickup seem unnecessarily stressful?

Each day, Tina is out there fighting the good fight and we want to help! We're looking to create a better pickup experience for Penngrove parents by directing traffic, helping drivers get in and out of parking spaces, and keep the flow of cars moving through the lot so that no one gets stuck on Adobe trying to turn in!

Have a few extra minutes to help out?

Check out our Google doc sign-up sheet and slide your name into one of the slots! Awesome perks include thank you's from destressed Penngrove parents and sweet reflective vests.

Not able to commit just yet? Keep these friendly rules in mind during dropoff and pick hours:

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  • No upper grade parents should be in the lot before 2:55
  • ALWAYS turn right – it is unsafe to turn left out of the lot!
  • Do NOT walk across Adobe Road- there are 2 crosswalks- use them
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¡Traiga su currículum y venga para una entrevista! El 1 de marzo tendremos una Personal Certificado Feria de Carreras en la Oficina del Distrito de 10 AM a 6PM. Las personas sin cita son bienvenidas o puede llamar al 707-778-4607 para inscribirse por un horario específico. ¿Preguntas? Llame al 707-778-4607.

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