Turn off the Lights


WHY USE Turn Off The Lights?

Turn Off the Lights is an extension which provides focus to a video you are watching and makes everything around the video go dark. It works for all video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo,Ted Talks... and also on the social networking sites. When the installation is complete, you will see the light gray lamp listed in the toolbar. And with one click of the button the page is darkened, providing better focus to the video, less distractions on what else the students can see. If no video is found, then the entire page goes dark.


Load the extension, give it a really dark screen or a red curtain. Then choose a Youtube video you will show your class. Show the class the youtube video, take a screenshot (with the Turn Off The Lights on) and share the picture of your screenshot and your thoughts about this extension on twitter using the #HeritageExplorers and #HEtechChallenge hashtags.


Load The Extension:

  1. Go to your Chrome Web Store -

  1. At the Chrome Web Store type in - Turn Off The Lights -

  1. The extension will come up, push the blue button to download the extension.

  1. It will ask you if you want to add this extension, push ADD.

  1. After you have ADDed this extension it will take you to a Youtube Video that will welcome you and it has written about the pluses of having this extension.

  1. I did watch this video but if you are ready to give this extension a try, just find a youtube video that you would like to watch and then hit the light bulb in your search bar.

Challenge - Changing the Screen Colors

  • Click on the 3 bar icon, in the corner of the screen.

  • Click on more tools, and then click on extensions. You should now be on a page that houses all of your extensions.

  • Scroll down until you find the extension “Turn Off The Lights”.

  • Once you are there click on the blue words “Options.”

  • This screen now gives us a ton of options for this extension.

  • Go to the bar that says “Opacity” and move it back and forth. This will show you how much will show around your video. I like mine to be 100% dark. You choose what works for you.

  • Go to the Background Image and ask it to “show more”. Here I get other options besides a black screen. I really like the red curtain.

  • One of my favorite elements on this extension is Atmosphere Lighting. This feature generates light effects around the video player. Just go to Visual Effects, the Atmosphere Lightning, and choose your color. This effect works well with YouTube and HTML5 videos.

  • Finally if you like to see more effects this extension does go to the sidebar and click on ToTL Welcome Guide.

Show A Video

  • Now choose a video to share with your students and then use “Turn Off the Lights”.

See the Results

  • Take a screenshot (with the Turn Off The Lights on) and share the picture of your screenshot on twitter using the #HeritageExplorers and #HEtechChallenge hashtags.


Cheryl Phillips Always Available to Help!