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Curriculum Overview

Grade 1: Sums and differences to 10

Check out these great number bond teaching resources:

Grade 2: Place Value, Counting, and Comparison of Numbers to 1000

Here is a virtual manipulative that can help with place value understanding:

Grade 3: Place Value and Problem Solving with Units of Measure

This performance assessment task can be used to assess student understanding of time:

Grade 4: Multi-digit Multiplication and Division

Check out this NCTM Illuminations resource for teaching multiplication arrays:

Grade 5: Multi-Digit Whole Number and Decimal Fraction Operations

Try this Learnzillion video resource:

**Interim Assessments 1st/2nd Grade**

  • The interim assessments for grades 1 and 2 have been placed in Data Link
  • The new test IDs are 54430 and 54427
  • They will open for teachers in Data Link on the 23rd
  • The administration window is from 10/30 to 11/5
  • The scoring window ends on 11/11

Math Contest Information

Math Olympiad (elementary/middle) -
  • 5 monthly contests given from November to March
  • Team has up to 35 students
  • Individual; 5 non-routine problems
  • $109/team

Mathcounts (middle) -
  • Club in a Box
  • Team of 10 is $100; can also send up to 4 individuals @ $30 each
  • Problem of the Week usually related to current events
  • This is a local/state/national contest

AMC8 (middle) -

  • 11/17/2015 at Salisbury University
  • Salisbury University will pay the cost of all test materials and provide lunch (students, teachers, specialists, administrators & chaperons)

Gettin' Digi With It!

Are you looking for digital tools to supplement student learning? Check out these free learning tools:

K-5 math games:

Free CCSS aligned math games for all ages:

Interactive virtual manipulatives: and

Animated math video lessons:

PARCC Updates

Below is a link to some newly released MSDE resources for PARCC including:

  • A recorded version of the MSDE "PARCC for Teachers" webinar from October 1, 2015
  • A video about the score report that will be going home to parents
  • A parent guide to the score report

Check out these CCSS aligned formative assessment lessons!

Click on the links below to access the websites.

App of the Month

5 Dice Order of Operations

Click here for more information:

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!