Come to Minnesota

By. Erik G

Come here because

Come to the land where there is 6,077 settlers in 166,000 square miles.

A land of over 10,000 lakes with plentiful amount of rivers and streams." With water as pure and soft as the dews of heaven." James M Goodhue, Editor of the MINNESOTA PIONEER, 1849

A Land with friendly Native people that will trade with you.

A Land with plentiful timber and wild game for your taking.

" MInnesota a land for a new life."

"Cold winters bring elasticity to your health." James M Goodhue, Editor of the MINNESOTA PIONEER, 1849

How to get here?

Many ports in Europe will take you to the Boston or New York of The United States. Then westward along the Erie canal and the Great Lakes by boat. From there across wisconsin by either stage coach or oxcart To St.Paul In the Minnesota territory.

A Great town to begin a new life in is New Ulm

For Germans and Scandinavians this town is like a piece of home away from home.

This community was built on a site selected by German immigrants becuase it reminded them of home.

New Ulm is an excellent trading site because of the easy access to native traders and easy steamboat access to St. Paul.

Frederick Beinhorn

Founder of the Chicago Land Society, the group of immigrants who came to this land to find a new home, and whos idea it was to found the city of New Ulm, says,"Come be a member of our new community in this new land."