Cheung Chau

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Cheng chau

Cheung Chau is a beautiful island. a perfect location for a family visit. with a beautiful beach just across from the ferry

Bun Festival

the bun festival is held yearly at Cheung Chau at the Eighth day of the Fourth Month . the Steamed buns are said to be lucky and the luckiest ones are at the top. the towers are 14 metres. every year contestants scramble their way to the top.

rock disintergation

Block disintegration usually occur in well-jointed rocks. During daytime, rocks are expose to the baking sun, they expand due to the increase in temperature. At night, due to cooling effect, the rocks are cooled rapidly and they contract. expansion of the rock cause the joints or cracks present in the rock to be widen. These lines of weakness are then exposed to erosion agent such as rain water which cause the joints to be further widen. Finally, stress builds up within the rocks and the rocks split along the joints.

Ancient Rock Carving

Cheung Chau Rock Carvings were located by a geologist in 1970, the same year when Big Wave Bay Rock Carving was discovered. They are located at the south-eastern end of the island. They consist of two groups of similar design with several carved lines surrounding small depressions.

windsurfing centre

Established in 1975 by Mr. Lai Gun, one of the first ‘Windies’ in Hong Kong, Cheung Chau Windsurfing Center is the birthplace of Olympic gold medalist Lee Lai San. the windsurfing centre also consists of a outdoor cafe where you can reserve a private event.

st john hospital

in cheung chau there is a st johns hospital for any needs. Hospital provides primary, emergency and community health services on Cheung Chau Island. it is located just along the coast line of tung wan beach

the Warwick hotel

the Warwick hotel is perfect for a long stay with a Bayview Chinese Restaurant, Terrace Cafe, Swimming Pool and a Outdoor Barbecue Site. the hotel is also offering a Super autumn promotion on there website

Cheung Chau Changes

Did you know

Did you know that 10km southwest of Hong Kong Island.

Did you know Cheung Chau has a rich culture, with historical temples

Did you know The island used to be a fishing community

Ferry schedule

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Ferry details

* Ordinary Ferry & Freight Service available
^ Only available on Saturdays
# Only available from Mondays to Fridays except Public Holidays
+ Berth at Central Pier No.6
Ticket gates will be suspended according to the above schedule (except tickets sold out)

Ordinary Ferry About 55 - 60 minutes

Fast Ferry About 35 – 40 minutes