Ms. Gleason's Globetrotters

Weekly Newsletter for the Week of April 25th- 29th

Tippy Toe Chick, Go! & Animal Fantasy

It was another busy and exciting week in first grade last week! We spent the week hard at work, but also had time for some fun projects that enhanced our learning.

In reading last week, we read the story "Tippy Toe Chick, Go!" and talked about how to solve tricky problems. We also focused on some phonics differentiating the "ow" and "ou" sounds and what happens when you have a consonant plus "le" at the end of a word. Other groups read an interesting article about Apollo 13 and discussed the importance of space travel and how astronauts and scientists sometimes have to work together to solve problems. As part of our language arts this week, we also worked on writing an animal fantasy story. Different from what we're currently working on in Writer's Workshop, the fantasy genre focuses on things that could never happen, like animals talking and interacting like humans. Your little ones came up with some great animal fantasy stories: robo-bunnies, animals having tea and much more!

In math last week, we focused on fractions. We made paper pizzas and divided them up into equal parts so that we could share with our friends, played fraction bingo and solved some tricky fraction mysteries. Friday, we even made fraction gumball machines to help solidify our understanding of fractions.

We wrapped up our unit on habitats in science last week by creating a life cycle chain of our forest habitat creatures. We discussed what goes at the top of the food chain, what all living creatures need to survive, the sun, then how plants and animals fit into the food chain below it. There was a little confusion about what carnivores live in the forest, but your little ones definitely know what a carnivore is, at least!

Coming up this week...

I hope you all enjoyed our beautiful northwest weekend! We will be taking our practice tests tomorrow to help us prepare for our standardized testing next week. We will also be making a special Mother's Day craft which will come home on Friday. Wednesday, we will be taking our field trip to see "Sleeping Beauty" at Storybook Theater. Don't forget, Monday, May 9th is an inservice day, so no school for your little ones.

Star Student last week - Nour!

Nour was our star student last week. He did an amazing job as calendar helper, teaching us all how to score a goal in soccer and sharing his amazing photos and museum items with us! It was a great pleasure to have him on the Star Student Wall of Fame this week! This week, we look forward to learning more about Ronan as our star student.