Leon sullivan

By Zack rice

Leon's life

Leon sullivan grew up in a poor neighborhood he was an African American. When he was twelve he tried to by a Coke but the store clerk refused to sell it to him, this even cause him to fight for racial equality for the rest of his life. When he was in high school he received a basketball and foot ball scholar ship for West Virginia state collage. When he was 18 he became a baptist minister in West Virginia. He then moved to New York to be a minister there and ended up recruiting 100 African Americans into the police.

Sullivan was the first African American to be on the General Motors board of directors. While in this position he made a code of conduct for companies in South Africa , these became known as the sullivan principals. These principals helped the black Africans there and helped them be treated more equally. Also while at GM he lobbied for the withdrawal of GM and other big companies to pull out of South Africa.

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