I Am Esperanza, I Am From Writing

By:Michael Toczycki

I am from a poor neighborhood

From four skinny trees

I am from no speak English

From a confusing name

I am from meme Ortiz's mom

From denying were I live

I am from my neighbors

From a raggedy red apartment

I am from feeling not on mango street

I am from my grandfather's death

From grieving about his death

I am from 3 other siblings

From a messed up life

I am from loneliness

From buying friends

I am from mexico

From my family

I am from hard decisions

From people that I know with messed up lives

I am from saving sally

From being abused

I am from people who are like me

From being teased

I am from my dreams

From choice

I am from smart

From being stressed out

I am from mango street

And a poor shop across the street

From a music box in the shop

I am from freedom

From change

I am from writing

Michael Toczycki

House on Mangostreet by Michael Toczycki

analytical essay

The main idea of the poem is to show how difficult of a life she has.

“From a raggedy red apartment”. The theme to this poem is to show her messed up childhood.

The idea of the first part is Esperanza feeling bad about herself. The line when it says how Esperanza denies where she lives.

When esperanza sees four skinny trees it shows inner conflict. The way this shows inner conflict is by showing that she is relating herself and her siblings to the four skinny trees, in a way that shows that her and her siblings are in a bad life. The 4 skinny trees show esperanzas emotion and how bad of a life she thinks she has.

The key idea in the beginning is to show what poor environment she lives in. This shows that she is already in a bad situation. The line that conveys the idea effectively is when esperanza says she lives in a raggedy red apartment. This shows that she is in a bad situation.

these lines show a turning point by showing that esperanzas family is in a bad situation. This is shown by the death of esperanzas grandfather. She wanted to put money in to buy a kid a bike and wanted to make friends with the people that pooled in the money to help out the kid.

I‘m trying to show that esperanza has a tough life and that is her neighborhood. The line when it says, “I am from a poor shop across the street.” This shows the idea effectively because her neighborhood expresses her life. This is revealing character problems. This shows that Esperanza’s life is very bad.