Battle Of Berlin

By: Darryl Fritz

Location: Berlin, Germany (East/West)

After the start of WWII the city of Berlin slowly became split in 2 halves, (East & West). The United States had control over the West side of Berlin and the Soviet Union had control over the East side.

Who's Involved?


The Allies of this battle were a team consisting of citizens from the United States, Soviet Union, Great Britain, and France. These powers were involved in the Battle of Berlin to capture a portion of neutral Germany.



The members of the axis powers during this battle were German citizens. These citizens also wanted to fight for what they felt should have been Germany's portion of land.

Still Confused on Powers?

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Head Generals

General Weilding- Head General of German troops.

Adolf Hitler- German Nazi Leader


Georgy Zhukov- General of Soviet Union

Ivan Konev- Soviet Union

Franklin D. Roosevelt - Pres. Of United States

Charles de Gaulle- French General

When Did This Battle Take Place?

The Battle of Berlin took place from Mid April 1945 through May 2,1945.
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Both sides of the war were fighting over total control of both sides of the Berlin Wall. The Soviets wanted to push the Germans back to the eastern portion of Europe. Dwight D. Eisenhower's Goal was to occupy both halves of Berlin. He believed that if he did this then German forces would be pushed back and realize a threat.

Strategies Involved to Carry Out Goals

The United States, France, & Great Britain teamed up together to occupy the Western front of Berlin Wall. Meanwhile Soviet does their own plan of staying on the Eastern front as well as weakening Axis forces by way of Air Weaponry. After a few days of fighting, Allied powers are up enough to allow Soviet to shut off access to Berlin. The Germans continue fighting, (but they have no supplies coming in). Meanwhile, Soviets have Aide (goods, food, ammo) from Great Britain as well as the United States.


The blockade created by the Allied Forces sparked a new treaty called NATO. The Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), ensured the division of Berlin from Germany, Europe, as well as other countries participating in the war. Allies win the battle and later continue to win the war.

Lasting Impacts

  • Perception of West Germans Changed
  • NATO Treaty
  • City left in ruins
  • Death of Hitler as well as a few of his Nazi friends
  • Unknown number of deaths of innocent citizens
Rare Battle For Berlin Footage
Video depicts the close range house to house fighting of the Battle of Berlin