Kelvin Doe

Teen Activist By: Carlos Leon

Early Life

Kelvin Doe was born in the Freetown inside of Sierra Leone on October 26, 1996. Kelvin was a child of a single mother Ajua Daniel after his father abandoned her because she was pregnant with Kelvin. His mother raised him and four other siblings. He is a self taught engineer that learned at a young age.

Passion: Engineer/Radio DJ

He is a self taught engineer that learned how to create and invent things out of scraps. At the age of 13 he created his own battery out of scrapped metals and acids. Later on Kelvin went on to create a generator that powers his own radio station. He goes by the name DJ Focus. "They call me DJ Focus because I believe if you focus, you can do an invention perfectly,"


Kelvin's goal is to help rebuild the west part of Africa. He want to do this with his inventions. At the age of 11 he was repairing the his communities radios for free. In 2010 he was 14 and created his communities first radio station. This is while parts in Sierra Leone radio is there only entertainment. He was able to invent all of these things from scrap, from digging through trash to find most of his supplies. In 2012 he left his family for the first time to speak at a panel in New York. That was the first time he ever went more then 10 miles from his neighborhood. Kelvin wants to be able to help his family and friends so they wont have to struggle anymore.

Hero: A person you can look up too. A good influence to the kids around him. Someone that has achieved something, and isnt selfish that thinks about the others he/she could effect.

Kelvin is a hero to his community because he is an inspiration to the people from Sierra Leone. He an inspiration because of what hes achieved with so little. He was able to make a generator that powers his radio station from scraps he found in the crash. Kelvin has been on CNN, NBC News, and was a guest speaker at TEDxTeen. He is the youngest "visiting practitioner" at MIT.