Neuroscience Learning

FLCS Governance Council - May 2016

FLCS Pillar Fact Finding Guide

Intervention Services at FLCS

Interventions delivered at Forest Lane Community School are seeped in brain based research. As interventionist, we believe the brain has the potential to grow and change. We use intervention systems that will allow for that change to take place. In reading, the interventionist use either Wilson Reading Systems or Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI). Both systems utilize Experience-Dependent Brain Development….in other words, repeated practice of targeted skills. These skills are in their Zone of Proximal development….in other words, are slightly harder than the student can do all by themselves. With Persistent Effort (constantly practicing newly learned skills), students can make gains and work towards grade level proficiency.

Brain Awareness Week

Carol Dweck "Growth Mindset"

Grading for Learning