The 13 colonies

By:Michael Roberts

The New England Colonies

The New England Colonies includes of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and have long winters good fishing, whaling plenty of timber and ship building and not much land was used for farming because the soil was very rocky and not fertile. There coast and fishing help them with trades and getting the needed supplies they need for their people and businesses.

The Middle Colonies

The Middle Colonies are made up of Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware. Most of the Middle Colonies economy is made up of cattle, pigs and animals. Also farmers or trappers can make a business from furs, fishing, or farming wheat. Then the Middle Colonies also have some iron.

The South Colonies

The South Colonies is made up of Virginia, Maryland, North and South Carolina and Georgia. A immense amount of farming is in the South Colonies with corn, tobacco and rice. Also the South Colonies have the Plantation Economy that gets a huge amount of free labor during the harvest due to the slaves bought off of slavers.