Ms. Biller Classroom Spotlight

By Ms. Biller Fifth Grade Class

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Our Amazing Teacher: Ms. Biller

by Kundana & Melony

Our teacher, Ms. Biller, is the best teacher ever. She has been teaching for 6 years. Ms. Biller taught humanities to middle school students for 2 years. She started teaching at Elmonica in 2017. Ms. Biller taught P.E in her first year teaching at Elmonica along with Mr. Skagerberg. Then she started teaching 5th grade. Did you know that Ms. Biller also taught in Bangkok, Thailand? Ms. Biller is part Irish and she is from Sacramento, California. She went to Southern Oregon University for college. Ms. Biller has always been the athletic type. Did you know that Ms. Biller played basketball in Middle School and did track and field in college? She has one younger brother. Her favorite animals are Puffins, Elephants, and Unicorns.Her favorite book genres are, realistic fiction and historical fiction. Ms. Biller is a fun and caring teacher. She usually does not get mad or upset except for when the situation is terribly serious. Ms. Biller is the best teacher ever!

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Coolest Class ๐Ÿ˜Ž

by Haley

Our class can sign up to be morning meeting leader or joke & riddles for the first 30 minutes of class. We have lots of groups and love to work together and sometimes we get to do Independent Work with friends or work partners. On Fridays we get to have fun friday/ Friday recess and some Fridays we have math kahoots and sometimes we get to lead the math kahoot and fun friday/ Friday recess kahoot! We also sometimes do drawing on Friday groups or origami. Out class gets to have lots of breaks during class because of our loving teacher, and we always help our classmates if they do not understand.

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Math Ninja Stars

by Jaisyn & Vibhuti

When it comes to math time, Ms.Biller gives us all the time we need to finish the task and if we need any help she is always willing to help us and always making math a fun way of learning it. Math time is always our class time and we all work very hard. We all are very focused on distractions in our math time .

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Master Mind Readers!

by Kundana & Vibhuti

Our class is a class of the best readers. Harry Potter the class's favorite series. Right now, our class is working on a book club unit. Ms. Biller split us into groups, and we work in our groups, presenting ideas and sharing opinions. Everyone is included and encouraged to participate. At the beginning of the year, we gave ourselves a reading goal, and we checked back to see if we had accomplished it. Our book club's goal is to identify character, theme, traits, plot, and setting. Our book group is there to encourage and help out. We work on noticing character changes and sudden differences in the plot. We chose books in our book groups and got started reading a little. Some of us are reading picture books, and some are reading longer books. Our class is a class of brilliant readers, and we work on getting better every day!

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Excellent writing

by Zeynab & Camila

In our past writing lessons, our class has done excellent writing, especially with writing the 5 elements and writing about the characters in our literary essays that we write about what we read in a book or a short video. We have been reading books or listening to books to take out some important details/ information. We have been writing down important time periods, problems, where it takes place, and a lot more, then write a literary essay.

What we do with the characters writing, either if it is in the short video or the booker write down our thoughts in the notebook about the character and then taking out the most important details/ information and making them it into a paragraph more like an essay and writing it in google docs and talking/ writing about how the character changes Throughto book or video from the beginning to the middle to the end. Then we turn it in or share it will Mrs.biller, and her mind is blown away with all of our class's excellent writing.

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Science: Wild Animals and plants

by Jacqueline

In Science, in my class, we are learning about Ecosystems, like how plants and animals' lives work. For example, did you know that baby cougar cats have to wait one week until their eyes open? Can you believe how little they have to wait? The Human babies have to wait so many more weeks !!!

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Awesome Events ๐Ÿ˜Œ

By Haley

We have such Awesome Special events! We get to have fun Friday. When we can do lots of fun things like Kahoot, cool math games, drawing, chat with friends and lots of other things.

We like to do Kahoot for Fun!

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Social Studies

In social studies, we focus on Historical Knowledge, Civics, and Government. This year we are working on lessons that focus on how to be anti-racist. We look at the past through different lenses, which will help us understand different perspectives in the present and make more informed choices in the future. Up next, we will be learning about Slavery in America, the Revolutionary War, American Government, Local History (Oregon Exclusion Laws, Portland Redlining). We will celebrate the achievements of America while acknowledging the oppression certain groups faced in the process.
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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

The mission of Elmonica Elementary is that together we promote high standards by:

ยท Practicing critical thinking skills through inquiry.

ยท Acquiring in-depth knowledge of globally significant ideas.

ยท Appreciating the unique qualities of each person, creating empathy, compassion, and international-mindedness.

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