From Oranges to Orange juice

By: Noah Sauer


Have you ever wounded how orange juice is made. It goes from orange to juice in the following ways.


First the farmer plants the seeds. after the oranges have grown they are picot. then the oranges are loaded onto trucks and ant to the factory.


The oranges are unloaded onto a conveyer belt. next the oranges are washed. then spoiled oranges are removed . after that the juice is squeezed out. next water is removed and put back in.then the orange juice are sent to the factory.


It is taken to the store. the store refrigerates it. then you by it.

Fun facts

oranges have pieces in them called pulp.

70% of oranges come from Florida.

oranges grow in groves


That is how oranges go from oranges to orange juice. now that I'm am done with oranges I'm looking at how books are made

Try this

Guess how manny oranges it takes to fill a jug of juice.check later
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