U.S. and Canada Connections

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The U.S and Canada Map

Canada is the one in red and the U.S. is the one in blue.

The U.S. Vs Canada

United States of America
  • High Population, (311,416,383)
  • Less Land Area, (3,803,290 sq mi)
  • Population Density Per Square Mile- 80
  • Capital- Washington, D.C.
  • Largest City- New York City (19,006,798 metro)
  • Government- Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
  • Official Language- No official language, but majority of the people talk English and Spanish
  • Main Religions- Christianity, Non-Religious, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism or Other.
  • Ethnic Groups- White American, Hispanic/Latino Americans, African American, Asian American, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, other race or two or more races.
  • Military Expenditures- $663.7 Billion


  • Low Population (34,082,000)
  • More Land Area (3,854,085 sq mi)
  • Population Density Per Square Mile- 8.3
  • Capital- Ottawa, Ontario
  • Largest City- Toronto ( 5,555,912 metro)
  • Government- Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
  • Official Language- English and French
  • Main Religions- Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Non-Religious or Unstated.
  • Ethnic-Groups- White/European, Aboriginal, South Asian, Chinese, Other Asian, Black/African, Middle Eastern or Latin American.
  • Military Expenditures- $18.28 Billion

Health care

In Canada health care is received by a publicly-funded health care system. This health care program is mostly free and provided by the Canada Health Act. Therefore Canada's Health care is cost efficient and will cover all health problems with the least cost possible.

United States
In the United States everyone is obligated to have Obama Care. This is a program that President Obama passed. It obligates every citizen of the U.S. to have a health plan. Obama's intention was that if everyone did what was told to do, then the price of health care plans would decrease and be more cost efficient. But this isn't always true, some health care plans don't cover all the health problems and the prices for these plans can vary as well.


Canada's responsibilities and duties are shared with the federal, provincial and territorial governments. Canada's head of state is a Sovereign and a Prime Minister is elected to be the head of the Government.

United States
The constitution of the United States separate the governments power into three broad branches. The Legislative, Judicial and Executive. This is done so neither of the three groups have to much control, they all equally have the same power. The Legislative branch is in charge of making laws, the Executive branch is in charge of carrying laws and the Judicial branch is in charge of overlooking laws. Checks and balances is used to insure all of the laws passed benefit the citizens.

U.S. and Canada Benefit Economically

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Sharing Two Borders
Canada and the Unite States both share two borders. These borders allow them to trade with one another therefore creating revenue for each country. They create revenue from trade, transportation of goods, services and people crossing the border daily.

Trading Relationship

Canada supplies the United States with oil. This is because Canada is the third most productive place that produces oil. By doing this Canada helps the United States create many jobs, as well benefiting from each other. Canada and the United States have the largest investment relationship in the world. The U.S. invests on Canada's mining and smelting industries, petroleum,chemical, manufacture of machinery and transportation equipment. Canada invests on the U.S. finance, insurance, manufacturing, banking and other services.

Canada and U.S. Relations

Canada and the United States cooperate and stand together when addressing threats, combating crime and protecting the safety of citizens. They also meet the needs of each other whenever dealing with energy needs. When both countries trade with one another they help each other economy grow and get stronger. As well as protecting the environment from any threats.


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