Folding Cabinet Bed

Come see the convenient side of bed.

The bed that is a cabinet!

Brought to you by Sarah Goode in 1885, the cabinet bed offers style and comfort. As you move westward in your journey to stake your own claim, take a convenient cabinet bed that can help save very precious space.

Sarah Goode was an inventor during 1885 who owned a furniture store.

Sarah Elizabeth Goode (1855–1905)

She was born in Toldedo, Ohio, although she commonly claimed she was born in Spain. She and her family moved to Chicago, Illinois after the civil war where she met and married Archibald "Archie" Goode. They had six children but only three made it to adult hood. Archibald was a stair builder and an upholsterer, which led to the opening of their furniture shop. The patent was filed July 14, 1885.

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The Cabinet Bed

How The Cabinet Bed is Still Relevant

The murphy bed is the most recent incarnation of the folding cabinet bed, it was created for the exact same reason, to help with space. The murphy bed is very similar to the cabinet bed except it folds down and is a lot flatter and usually leans up, on or into a wall.

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The bed that is a cabinet!