The Vulnerable Coral Reefs

By: Zachary Martin

What is happening

Trees are one of the most versatile materials to use. You make books, houses, and even guitars out of it. But sometimes, we are to dependent on wood and we over farm for it.

Deforestation is when a plot of trees are cut down for the wood or possible the land. Trees collect a large amount of CO2 in its lifetime. One tree can collect as much as 1100 kg of CO2 in its lifetime. When we cut the trees down in a specific area, it is limiting the CO2 that be converted back into oxygen. The lack of oxygen can lead to ocean acidification. The increase in ph in the water affects the biodiversity and the chemistry in the water. Any shelled creature relies on calcium carbonate to create their shells. The increased amount in ph makes their shells weaker and are therefore open to predators.

What can we do...?

We can do things to protect the ocean ecosystem. First off, we can and try it limit the amount of trees that we cut down. Second, the trees we do cut down, need to be replaced by a younger generation of trees. This will solve the constant demand of oxygen and wood.


Level 1:

How much oxygen do trees make in their lifetime?

A-50,000 KG

B-300 KG

C-1100 Pounds

D- 1100 KG

Level 2:

What are the long term affects does ocean acidifaction have on biodiversity.

A- Dolphins will eat the acid and die

B-Shelled creatures will eventually die off due to the weakining shells

C- Some species of fish will be driven away

D-World hunger will be solved in China