Sit and Get...I think NOT!!!

Find your content, choose an activity, add a digital layer.

Philosophy First

We are teaching in the 21st century with 19th century tools.

  • 1890 - Chalkboards
  • 1925 - Filmstrips
  • 1960 - Overhead Projector
  • 1972 - Scantrons
  • 1977 - Desktop Computers
  • 1996 - Internet
  • 1999 - Interactive Whiteboards
  • 2005 - Student Response Systems
  • 2010 - The iPad
Today's students are born "plugged" in. Our goal as educators is to engage them. However, too many times we "turn them off" when they enter our classrooms and we make them "unplug". Let's explore ways to help engage our students by creatively and actively allowing them to stay "plugged" in.

The Theory

SAMR in 120 Seconds

Let's use Starbucks as an example:

S - Substitution - technology is simply replacing something you could have already done. A regular cup of coffee, for a Starbucks cup of coffee. Still the same thing.
A - Augmentation - technology adds something extra to what you could have done before. A regular cup of coffee for a Starbucks Iced Latte. Same, just a little different.
M - Modification - technology changes the way we can do a project, adding options we couldn't have done before. A regular cup of coffee for a iced Caramel Macchiato, lots of frills.
R - Redefinition - technology changes the project / product into something that could not have been created without the use of technology. A regular cup of coffee for a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, trademarked by Starbucks.
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Let's Talk Organization

Every good classroom needs organization. Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Set your expectations and let the students know them
  • Clear directions at each center/station

The Learning Curve

While we're not focusing on technology, some time needs to be given to "teaching" the technology. This can be done in several ways - direct teaching, step-by-step instructions, daily technology tip, in-app tutorials, etc. Let's explore some of my "go to" apps and websites that you will be using at today's centers/stations.

Let's Play

Engaged Learning Activities

Around the room, you will find various centers or stations. Many that you may even have in your own classroom and have used with students, but with one added element - A DIGITAL LAYER.

Give them a Try

Below is a list of the "Centers" around the room. Try them out

  • Introduce Yourself - (
  • Introduce Your Neighbor (or a Famous Person) - (Tellagami, Trading Cards) - Example
  • Illustrate the Phases of the Moon - (Stop Animation) - Example
  • The relationship of the Sun, Moon, and Earth -(Video) - Example
  • Animal Habitats - (ChatterPix, QR Codes) - Example
  • Reading - (Quick Voice, Little Story Maker)
  • Process/How-To Writing - (SnapGuide) - Example
  • States and Capitals - (QR Codes)
  • Place Value - (Number Pieces and Popplet)
Submit a Center or Station for a Digital Makeover

Want to add a digital layer but don't know how. Submit your lesson or idea here and I will help you plan the digital layer.