Come See the Beautiful Virginia!

The First Colony in the New World

Colony of the King

Virginia was the very first and greatest of all the Colonies. Virginia was a result of a joint venture of the British "Virginia Company". Virginia was always under the rule of the King up until the American revolution against the British. Virginia was started in order to return riches and resources to Britain.
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Where Are We?

Virginia was classified as one of the Southern Colonies. In 1607 Virginia set up the permanent settlement of Jamestown. Here at Jamestown, strategic forts were constructed which allowed for Virginia to be both successful and protected. Due to is location, Virginia made a large chunk of its profit off of tobacco. In addition to the sell of tobacco, Virginia had many plantations to keep us its constant and ever growing profit.

About Virginia

Virginia was a royal colony under the rule of the King. It's goal was to gather riches for the the King and Great Britain. Virginia's official religion was established as the Anglican Church. This religion was so serious in the colony that the head political party held their meetings in the church. Initially, Virginia was headed by a council president, but once the charter was enacted Virginia was headed by the first European legislative type body in the new world, the House of Burgesses. Tobacco is the major cash crop of Virginia but Virginia was also home to the New World's very first Iron Works, where they produced and distributed glass and glass goods.
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The Important People

John Smith: Virginia was founded in 1607 by John Smith. He was also very influential in Virginia's early development.

Sir Walter Raleigh: Sir Walter Raleigh lead many expeditions that allowed for Virginia's growth. These expeditions include sending Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe to explore modern day North Carolina and organizing the first colonization mission to the island of Roanok.

Chief Powhatan: Chief Powhatan lead the Pohwhatan people. This tribe was very important in Virginia's history. Some important events include the Powhatan Confederacy, The Anglo-Powhatan Wars ( Wars between English settlers and Native Americans), and the Indian Massacre.

Some Important Things...

Some of the major events of the Virginia colony were:

1607: Jamestown established, Indians attack and kill 1 colonist and injure 11. John Smith taken hostage.

1608: John Smith released

1612: First time tobacco exported

1613: Pocahontas captured and taken to Jamestown

1624: Virginia becomes Royal Colony

1676: Bacon's Rebellion: Leads to harsher treatment of Natives