This is how to divide

Steps to divide

  • This is the first step to dividing, you have to estimate the divisor. OH NO whats a divisor. A divisor is a number by which another number. After you estimate the divisor estimate the dividend. A dividend is a number that is to be divided by a divisor. Now you have your estimated equation find the answer and get you estimate.

  • Than after step one you make a division house. Always put the first number in the equation first.

  • Make sure that the number can't be from the estimate it has to be from the the real equation .

  • Now you can start the problem.

  • First you check to see if the divisor can go into the first number in the dividend.

  • If it can't you look at the second number in the divisor.

  • Great the divisor goes into the second number in the dividend.

  • This is a three digit number.

  • Now you divide and think to your self how much times can this divisor go into these two numbers.

  • This is where your estimate comes in handy.

  • If your estimate is two digits you use the first digit and multiply the first number of the estimate and the dividend.

  • The answer too that equation will most likely be the answer you can use.
  • But you have to make sure that the number you are using is smaller then the divisor and the dividend.
  • Great now you have to subtract the number you are using and the two numbers from the dividend.

  • When you get that answer bring down the last number in the dividend.

  • Then you do the same thing as before except you don't have a estimate so you really have to think and multiply numbers by the divisor that make sense.

  • When you finally have that number check and make sure it is less then the divisor and dividend.

  • Then subtract and get the answer.

  • now there is nothing to bring down so the problem is done. Unless...

  • If you don't want a remainder add a zero and do the same steps.

  • Now if you still have a remainder keep on adding zeros till you don't

  • You should not have to add more then 3 zeros
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The Steps to Long Division
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