The Falcon Monday Message

Week of March 21, 2016

2015-2016 Campus Big Goals

  1. Enhance quality instruction
  2. Create a positive, college centered, campus culture
  3. Support strong academic delivery through effective coaching and feedback

Character Trait of the Month: HONESTY


Ms. Patton and Mr. Perfecto

Art and Music Teachers


  • TO ALL TEACHERS that took time from their Spring Break to plan great lessons for their scholars! I know many of you relaxed over the break-- but also took advantage of time off to get ahead on work for your scholars. Thank you for all that you do for our kids!

  • Ms. Patton for the incredible work on the soon-to-be-completed mosaic at the entrance to Foster! Thank you for bringing this incredible artwork and ArtReach partnership to Foster-- a legacy that will welcome visitors for years and years to come!

  • To all members of the team that supported the REAL School Gardens Interview (Ms. Scully, Ms. Laureano, Mr. Lentz, Ms. Bernal, Mr. DaSilva, Ms. Kruzel, Mr. Villegas, Ms. Patton, Ms. Clark, and more!). Fingers crossed that the partnership will soon be here at Foster!

  • Mr. Villegas for his amazing work as our New Falcon Hiring Committee Chair!

  • Ms. Bahena for her amazing work on the master schedule, as an instructional coach, and a mom! You are truly a Superwoman!!

  • Ms. Gonzalez for giving Mr. Hall the opportunity to teach her wonderful First Graders!

  • Ms. Andrea Scully and Ms. Freeze for bringing their classes together for some co-teaching on multiplication!!

  • Mr. Finkelstein for implementing a tracking system to track students individual progress on objectives and to use that data for small group instruction and individualized practice for students.

  • Ms. Luz Rodriguez for making science come alive in the classrooms with interactive student built projects of ecosystems!!!(See pictures)

  • Maria Scully for opening up her classroom and for all of her help with the Real School Gardens interview!!!(See picture)

  • Ms. Kruzel for faithfully creating this wonderful newsletter every week that keeps us all in the know and connected! And for being the best school counselor that ever was!

  • Mr. Hall for continuously seeking out opportunities to better our school and the quality of education that is provided to our students!

  • Mr. Villegas for all of his hard work with interviewing and scheduling of interviews to help staff our school with the best of the best for next year!

  • Congratulations to Mr. Cabrera and his new bride!! (See pictures of the wedding shower)

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  • 1A will make announcements all week (3 students report to Mr. Hall's Office by 7:40am)
  • Extended Observations: Group A -------- Spot Obervations: Group B
  • GC Meeting Monday at 3:30pm in the Library
  • STAAR ALT-2 Training Wednesday at 2:15pm in Mr. DaSilva's Office (Unit Teachers Only)
  • Child Abuse Training Make-Up Session Wednesday at 3:30pm in the Library
  • Top 16 Luncheon (F,G Sections) -RESCHEDULED- Thursday at 1:00pm in the Courtyard
  • Mosaic Dedication and Reception Thursday at 3:30pm
  • Texas Ballet Theater Class Thursday at 3:30pm in the Gym
  • Progress Report Grades due by COB Thursday


  • Heads up: Group A Extended 10-Day Window will continue through the week we return from Spring Break (for those who have not yet had an extended). Due to a shortened week, Group B teachers will have spots with written feedback submitted via SchoolNet.

  • IMPORTANT: Inclement Weather Days Update: March 25th AND April 11th are student-staff holidays!

  • Reminder: GC Meeting from 3:30 to 4:30 on the Monday we return from Spring Break. We will discuss Master Schedule for next year, priorities for 2016-2017, and the STAAR/ACP/End of Year schedule (for feedback) -- among other items.


  • Have a great week!


  • Testing is upon us and this is very busy time of year. Remember to put at least two grades per subject in GradeSpeed each week so you don't fall behind!