Growth of Japanese Culture

Japanese Forms of Buddhism By: Joseph Xu

Buddhism Spreads of Japan

Buddhism started in India in 500s B.C. and arrived in Japan in the 500 A.D., it was given to Japan as a gift from Korea. Buddhism spread really quickly because it went along with Shinto; Prince Shotoku also encouraged it. Over centuries, many different forms developed; each were a little different.

Zen Buddhism

Some forms of Buddhism succeded while other forms did not, the ones that were favored succeded. In the 1100s, Zen, a form of Buddhism, became more and more common because it put emphasis on self-imphasis and meditation and people liked this. Samurai like this because it gave them inner calm in battle, artists like its simplicity; Zen later spread to the west.

The Questions

Essential Question: How did the Japanese adapt Buddhism?

Review Question: How was Japanese society affected by Buddhism?

It was affected by Buddhism because they made most of their religion about Buddhism.