Tarheels/ Team 1 Newsletter

December 5, 2014


Thank you to ALL the parents that helped be on "Popcorn Patrol" today for our Midterm Movie Reward. We know the machine was challenging and it took a long time but we appreciate you willingness to help pop the greatest popcorn we've ever tasted! Thanks Parents!!!


Please have your child check at home for any OUTSIDERS books they still haven't returned. We are currently missing 14 books which carries a heavy price tag if we have to repurchase.
If your child owes books to the media center presently or from previous schools they will not be able to attend the dance on December 12th and other events until the fine and/or book is returned.
Also, if you are out and about at any used book stores and find copies we would love for a donation of these. The books we currently have are in pretty sad condition.
Mrs. Pavese and Mrs. Canerday would be eternally grateful!

Please take a moment to take this survey Parents, if you haven't already.

We need a few more parents to complete the accreditation survey.


Academic Class Information

Language Arts

Students should have completed Chapters 8-11 this week. If your child has not read Chapter 11 as of now, they need to complete this over the weekend.
We will have a "timed" open book quiz on Monday on chapters 8-11.
This week we focused on Figurative Language and its importance in text,
Next week we will focus on Setting and it's importance in Fictional pieces of work.

1st and 3rd periods will need to remember your THINK TAC TOE is due on December 18th.

Math Group Tutoring and Afterschool Help Sessions

Report to Mrs. Pitt's room by 3:00 with a note from your parent. This is every Monday unless otherwise indicated.


1st, 2nd & 4th have been working with calculating tax, tip, and discount. The are using mental math and percent proportions. They will have a quiz on Monday on Ch. 3.1 and 3.2.

3rd period is working on direct variation and equivalent ratios. They are using tables and graphs to determine the constant of proportionality.

Social Studies

We are busy discovering how humankind's view of him/herself changed drastically in the Renaissance, from seeing self as unworthy of grace and goodness, to being the best of all of creation. This week has seen us delving into the visual changes seen in art/architecture, through comparing and contrasting the Medieval painting "Madonna Enthroned Between Two Angels" to the Renaissance masterpiece "Mona Lisa". We have also poured over the details of the Last Supper (da Vinci), The Pieta, The Sistine Chapel ceiling, and David (all by Michelangelo). Next week we will view Brunelleschi's invention of the dome, compare/contrast literature (some Shakespeare), and begin to delve into science (Ptolemy's view vs Copernicus' view).


The Council on Adolescence of Catawba County (COA) presented the Entering Adolescence program from Dec. 1 to Dec. 4. Immediately following the COA program our science class will start learning about our body systems and how they interact.