Battle of Saipan

By: Tyler, Tyler, and Cameron

What is the Battle of Saipan

This battle was very important for ending the war with Japan. The united states needed to take control of the island of Saipan in order to launch its B-17's to japan in order to drop the atomic bombs. no plane would have enough fuel to fly any further. The whole point of Island hopping was to get close enough to Japan so the United states could launch planes into Japan and bomb them.


we needed the island to be able to invade japan because planes couldn't fly all the way to japan, and invading the island would give them a place to fill up before invading japan.


located in the mariana islands

Landings started at 7 am on the 15th of June.

Over 300 LVTs and 8,000 Marines landed on Saipan's west coast.

Allies: 71, 000

Japanese: 31, 000


This gave the American big advantage, they built runways that could be used by the B-29’s. They used the runways to bomb the Japanese.


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